Any practice regularly repeated for the relief of anxiety

The videos that follow are from fellows, like you and I, who have embraced “a principled path to peace” and have adopted practices that increase the serenity that they seek. Of course, there is a multitude of practices we can incorporate to enhance our journey; the point is to experiment, find what works for you and do it continuously.

The first video is from Wayne Lehrer author of The Prodigy Within, painter, sculptor, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and seeker.

The second video is from Susan Foxley, author of F*cked Up to Fixed Up in Four Weeks: A Life Guide for Growth. Susan, the founder of Foxley Fitness, is an author, certified life coach and registered yoga master.

The third video is from Tom Moritz, an adjunct professor at the University of the West, an environmentalist, a long time practicing Buddist and Meditation teacher and practitioner.

The final video is from Connie Clotworthy, a certified Vipassana Meditation Instructor and founder of Worthy Beyond Purpose, with the mission of transforming the world through mindfulness and meditation practices. 

Each video references meditation as one of the rituals practiced by our presenters. l If you google types of meditation the numbers range from 2 to 23, which indicates there is much to explore.  Many newcomers to meditation find the following smartphone apps helpful:

Insight Timer (FREE) –   Calm  – Headspace 

other resources can be found HERE

We believe when we undertake activities consistently that diminish stress, foster acceptance, and build esteem; we are putting the ritual in spiritual and accessing SERENITY.

Our journey on a “principled path to peace” suggests that we embrace, to the best of our ability; Honesty, Hope, Acceptance, Courage, Trust, Willingness, Humility, Integrity, Forgiveness, Vigilance, Ritual, and Service.
The tools offered on this page scratch the surface of the rituals we can utilize in our pursuit of inner- peace. The message boards give us a chance to put into words our thoughts and feelings while providing an opportunity to share them with others. It is not necessary that they are seen by others for them to be received by the Friendly Universe. The action of taking the time to express ourselves is what matters, it is a demonstration of faith that in the least is seen by the unseen.

The Gratitude List  A forum created to help you get in the habit of naming and giving thanks for your blessings; the benefits of which are well known (kind of like wanting what you have, which results in having what you want). If you have never written a gratitude list the time is NOW.


The Prayer Board  Here you are given the opportunity to offer prayers. You can ask that the shortcomings identified in your self-survey be removed or that you be used to helping those who are suffering. You may choose to pray for individuals, you discovered through self-survey you resent, as well as others you are concerned about. You can ask for willingness to correct wrongs identified through self-survey and where necessary make amends. You might ask for knowledge of your Higher Power’s will for you and the where-with-all to carry it out. It’s your prayer.