Our continuing journey on a “principled path to peace”, has provided us with a change in perception, our consciousness has been raised, we have awakened from a substance born slumber. Now what?
We take what was freely given to us and offer it to others, remembering how reticent we were to receive what others had previously offered us.
We listen from our experience and share with a desire to connect and relate. Compassion and empathy gleaned from hours spent in meetings have entered our hearts and prepared us for this moment. The need to be better than or right has left us, to be replaced by a desire to serve. We ask, a power greater than ourselves, how can I foster healing and demonstrate the benefits of a principled path to peace and do the next right thing.

Some of us will have the opportunity to take someone to a meeting or simply share our experience, strength and hope over the phone or a cup of coffee. Others might welcome someone, a newcomer or out-of-towner we have never seen before. Opportunities to assist others seem to appear when we are willing to seize them and sometimes when we are not.

It all begins with kindness,
where we are, and wherever we go.

We hope your visit to Got Serenity was helpful and added in some small way to your search for serenity. You can be of service to the website in either of two ways:

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