The state of keeping careful watch for possible difficulties

A consistent self-survey encourages people like us,
who might strive for perfection,
to accept our humanity and acknowledge our progress.
Hence we advocate the adage:


Vigilance as a practice is done throughout the day. It is the act of being aware or mindful of our mental and emotional states. It is the ability to pause when feeling out of sorts; on either the high end remembering to be grateful or the low end applying tools that enable us to respond rather than react. One tool we might use is a

Moment of Reflection.


Many of us find it useful to consider our day as a whole, at the end of the day prior to going to sleep; thus letting go of the day. This is often done by creating a balance sheet taking note of what we could have done better or differently while acknowledging what we did well and that which we are grateful for.

To this end we offer the following surveys:

Please be assured we are aware of privacy and anonymity concerns you may have and will do our utmost to ensure your privacy and anonymity are protected.

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